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Hello world! Hello New Guinea! Hello Melanesia!

There is a dream, that came into the dreamworld in June 2014, when considering how to survive from this ever-changing world, that has changed almost everything about myself, and about my world. My identity as a “Melanesian” person is now changed into “a Christian”, “a West Papuan”, “a Papua New Guinean”, “a Solomon Islander”, “a Fijian”, “a ni-Vanuatu”, and “a Kanak”. I am not Melanesian anymore.

I did have my original name, my original identity, my native self-image. But that has changed.

This followed by the change of my own language. Now I speak and write in English, before I was only speaking my vernacular. My children do not speak their own mother-tongue. They speak “Tok Pisin” or the “Language of the Bird”, and other regional languages such as English and Bahasa (from Indonesia).

Finally, I know my self-image will be wiped out, in totality. The identity of my grand-children will NOT be Melanesian, will NOT connected to my home-village in Iruari Village, Bogia, Madang Province.

This is the reality we are facing today.

This is the reason why I decided to promote a dream of “Putting Melanesia Online”, by inviting all Melanesian names:

  1. All villages
  2. All valleys
  3. All mountains
  4. All family names
  5. All clan names
  6. All tribal names
  7. All spiritual names

All of them “Go Online”, registered as domain names.

Since 2014 I have fought for making all Melanesia to “Go Online”, but I am not getting the green light from various government officials, and community leaders across Melanesia.

It is already five years now, since 2014, but I know that this is just a dream, and therefore it needs time to get into this real world.

It is already give years now since 2014, but I know that this is just a starting point, there is a long way to go yet, and finally all Melanesia will Go Online.

That is why, I have so far registered myself, with resources that I have with me, the following domain names:

  1. (To get Melanesia Online)
  2. (to facitate Melanesians shop products online, with and (for purchasing products)
  3. (Wamena, West Papua)
  4. (Yako Village, Vanimo)
  5. (Lani Tribe, West Papua)
  6. (Walak Tribe, West Papua)
  7. (Melanesia News Updates)
  8. (Melanesia Business News)
  9. (Melaensian Online entrepreneurship)
  10. (Melanesia-hood and Melanesia-ism)
  11. (Melanesia Healing Centre)

I have bought some domains specific Melanesian names but I cannot continue extending the payment for these domain names:


and many others that I cannot mention in this post.

My prayer is that all Melanesian governments; West Papua, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Bougainville, Fiji, Vanuatu and Kanaky will support this initiative, and finally we will have our own domain extension called “dot mela”